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Nostalgia, hockey history and hard hitting (well, not real hard) topical content.  All hockey, all the time!

Hello.  Welcome!  This is my blog.  Hockey content from a huge Winnipeg Jets fan.  I remember when the Jets signed Bobby Hull.  I had season tickets in the mid 80s.  I was at the last regular season and last playoff game for Jets. 1.0 in 1996. I have been to a whack of 2.0 games and continue to be a part of season ticket cohorts.

Favourite all-time Jet is Mario Marois and I am huge fan of the Aviator jerseys.  I love history and nostalgia and posts will often lean in that direction.  

I am a former public school principal and currently teach at the University of Winnipeg. Thanks for checking this out.  Always interested in feedback and other points of view.

Rick Haley

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